Nurturing creativity

I recently read brochure put out by Early Childhood Australia on Nurturing creativity. It was primarily focussed on young children. There were some excellent points raised in the brochure/article.

Point 1. ‘Children are born predisposed to be creative. It is our job to nurture children’s creativity and allow it to flourish.’

Point 2: ‘Children should have the opportunities to:

  • Imagine and create
  • Propose theories and reasons
  • master skills
  • have meaningful experiences
  • express thoughts and ideas
  • solve problems
  • engage in reflective thinking
  • explore diverse ways of knowing, thinking and learning.’

Point 3: ‘Nurturing creativity is about identifying people’s strengths and establishing an education community’.

What implications do these ideas have for me as an educator?

I will answer with more questions.

As, education expert Ken Robinson*, believes ‘we are educating people out of their creativity.’

If Robinson, is correct (there is much contention surrounding his ideas), then are we promoting creativity in our classrooms, or are we stifling it?

What can I do to to promote creativity in my workplace?

How do I encourage the innate creativity of students I come into contact with?

How do you change mindsets that focus on one form of creativity but not others?

Including problem solving, reflection and exploring diverse points of view can often boost creativity.  It is a process. A long, sometimes unpredictable and consuming process, yet we continue every day nurturing and encouraging creativity. We know it is worth it in the end. We just have to think of creative ways to get there.


Stonehouse, A., Early Childhood Australia, ‘Nurturing Creativity’, 2011

Click to access NQS_PLP_E-Newsletter_No44.pdf


*Ken Robinson is a British Education expert who wrote ‘Out of our Minds: learning to be creative,’ and ‘Creative Schools’.

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