Deadly persuasion

“Media education can and has revolutionized the way we think about public health. The shift to a focus on the environment rather than the traditional focus on the host or agent has come about largely because of media education. We’ve begun to see all kinds of problems that used to be seen as individual choices or flaws — from violence to substance abuse to eating disorders — as partly the result of the environment in which people make their choices. And the most important aspect of our environment, of course, is the media.”
“Huge and powerful industries — alcohol, tobacco, junk food, guns, diet — depend upon a media-illiterate population. Indeed they depend upon a population that is disempowered and addicted. These industries will and do fight our efforts with all their mighty resources. And we will fight back, using the tools of media education which enable us to understand, analyze, interpret, to expose hidden agendas and manipulation, to bring about constructive change, and to further positive aspects of the media.” 
Jean Kilbourne
, author: Deadly Persuasion : How Advertising Manipulates Us in an Age of Addiction

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